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Jurassic Coast Challenge 2012…oh dear what have i got myself into?

For my sins i have entered the Jurassic Coast Challenge this March (2012).

The challenge is a 3 marathon in 3 day event run over the Jurassic coast, it is the mother of all hilly runs. The 2012 course is being run from Studland to Charmouth.

The run is 78.6 miles,  approximately a 26.2 mile marathon each day.

Here is a breakdown of the 3 days.

Starts off with a pleasant jog along the beach of Studland Bay, past Old Harry rocks , through Swanage and straight into some tough coastal running along the South West Coast Path. Houns – tout Cliff provides the first real climb of the day followed by more climbing on Tyenham Cap and Worbarrow. The finish of the First day is Lulworth Cove where you will be treated to a sneak preview of the next days ‘warm up’ climb beginning day 2.

Sees runners (and walkers…not me I HOPE!) enjoy the delights of Durdle Door with steep ascents and descents. The course starts to level off half way in to Day 2 after Ringstead Bay. Weymouth hosts some path appreciated tarmac underfoot followed by a enjoyable lap of Portland to warm down on before finishing at the Event HQ on the Ferry bridge road between Weymouth and Portland.

Starts with a challenging and muddy underfoot course along coastal foot path towards Abbotsbury. Fairly flat ground for the next 10km until Eype’s mouth then the hilly fun starts again as the course approaches Golden Cap. Its then a short jog to the finish point just to the East of Charmouth. Where hopefully i don’t end up crossing the line like this:

l will be raising money for Help for Heroes. please click on their logo above and donate as much as you can..

The charity was launched in October 2007 in order to provide direct, practical support to those wounded, sick or injured in the line of duty since 9/11.

All the funds raised to date are either allocated or spent on the direct, practical support of those wounded in the current conflicts.

To date, H4H has funded a variety of projects including the £8m Rehabilitation Complex at Headley Court, a new £3.5m treatment centre for Combat Stress, adaptive adventure training through the Battle Back programme and the creation of a £6m Quick Reaction Fund to support individuals in need.


Some kind words from the last 12 weeks at RE:Born

Here are a couple of words from some of our RE:BORN clients in sandbanks poole.

At RE:Born we run both Bootcamps in Poole and personal training in Poole and here are just a couple of kind words from our clients. We thank you all for your support, and can’t wait to train you all in 2012.

Hi James,

I was walking some distance on the beach with the dog, Snoop, this morning and realised that this would not have been so easy or enjoyable a few months ago.  I now have a lot more energy, have lost one and a half stone in weight and gone from a size 14 dress to a 10.  This is all due to the regular exercise that you have set out and the diet which i am really enjoying and which is sustainable as i am never hungry.  To have achieved this in just over 12 weeks is remarkable, especially as Christmas/New Year has been part of that period.  I would recommend your programmes to everyone as I am feeling really great.




Dear James,

Happy New Year!  And what a New Year I have to go into:  After 12 weeks of your guidance in both diet and exercise I have gone from 12st 10 lb to 11st (and that is after putting on only 2lb over Christmas and New Year and having a week’s holiday in Tenerife).  However, the reality is that my waist size has gone from 38” to 33” and, as you have measured, my body and organ fat percentages have gone down by over 25%, despite the fact that I seem to be eating more food!.

All of this adds up to feeling fitter, with more energy and suits/trousers that I have not been able to wear for some years are now, are fitting me again.  I do understand that this now has to become a way of life but the benefits I feel mean that I do not want to go back to the old style of eating and exercising.

I would recommend this to everyone if they value their long term health.




Dear James

I was flabby 45 and fed up with the on/off diet cycle. I decided to run but the results were slower than I had hoped, so after bumping into a friend who’d attended boot camp with James I resolved to try it.
As a result I am fitter , slimmer and more toned and I am an addict…. I look forward to starting in January




Dear James

‘’I started the RE:born bootcamp several weeks ago now and I am feeling a great improvement not only physically but also mentally! James is a breath of fresh air in his approach to coaching so much so that I have decided to extend my activity through bootcamp for 2012 and possibly start James’ 3 months ‘Lose weight and tone up’ programme. James seems to be the personal trainer I have been looking for in my aim to turn my life around in terms of my over weight situation!’’




Boot camp has changed my life…. Over Xmas I normally pile on the pounds but this year not so….all hail James…!!!!

All the best



Training with James has taken my fitness level to a much higher stage. His professionalism and motivation has been an inspiration for me.

Thank you James for all your hard work and putting up with my moaning!!



Thank you all so very much for your kind words…

If you would like to become one of our clients, or simply have a chat to us regarding your health and fitness goals for 2012, then please call us on 01202 671783 or email us on info@rebornpt.co.uk

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! BOOTCAMPS are back on the beach.

Well its here and we are off to a flyer!!!

Here is the outline for our Bootcamps on Sandbanks Beach, Poole, Dorset.

The REBornpt Bootcamp this new year will be a six week, 4 session per week (Don’t worry you don’t need to attend them all) program run by some of the South’s finest personal trainers.

It’s all about high impact, quick result, fat burning intensity, bringing you all the benefits of a personal trainer at a fraction of the normal cost. The REBornpt BOOTCAMP mixes functional body weight movements, tough, challenging core exercises and peak intensity cardiovascular components.

Our Bootcamps are high energy no holds barred workouts which burns body fat and improves muscle tone faster than any other method of training.

And there’s more….the programs are designed specifically to raise EPOC – Excessive Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. Sounds complicated, perhaps, but the results are simplicity itself – your metabolism will be boosted to such a degree that you’ll still be burning those calories a massive thirty six hours after you’ve finished your sessions.

There’s even more to REbornpt Bootcamps than a dramatically effective exercise regime. As a REbornpt Bootcamp member you’ll be able to benefit from an array of full nutrition and supplement program, exercise videos, recipes, articles, tips and much more in the way of ongoing support expressly designed to help you achieve extraordinary results in a short space of time.

And please do’nt forget…..REBornpt Bootcamps are all about having awesome FUN, with like minded people!!

Class times:

Monday 6.30am

Thursday 11am

Saturday and Sunday 9am

First class Saturday 7th January 2012….we look forward to see you all very soon.

Call us today on 01202 671783 or email info@rebornpt.co.uk to book in for your first session.

Christmas training calender: 19th December 2011, Day 18

Flaming carol singers everywhere….AGGGHH!!!

If i hear ding dong merrily again, I’m going to go crazy…these songs are in my head continuously!!!

Therefore I’ve had to and I’m sorry but today’s session is based on the 12 days of Christmas….cheesy i know but i have to get this out of my system.

Warm up:

5 – 10min: be as dynamic as possible, work through all your joints, moving in as many planes of movement as possible.

i.e multi-directional lunges, some jops (cross between hop and jogging, google it), some press ups, chin ups and ab work.

The 12 Days of Christmas Main session:

1.  Bear Crawl (about 30-40 feet and back)

2.  Inchworms (with push-ups)

3.  Renegade Rows (3 on each side)

4.  Russian Twists (4 per side)

5.  Floppy Burpees

6.  Double Unders (or 18 single jump ropes)

7.  Pullover Sit-ups

8.  Dips

9.  Box Jumps (or 9 step-ups per side as a mod)

10. Walking Lunges (10 per side- optional with weight)

11. Suicide Push-ups (11 total, not per side)

12. Weighted Squat Jumps (weight is optional)

Then…after the 12-Days of Christmas, there is a one mile run to top it off!

Please feel free to sing this out loud when your training today…..it will help cleanse the soul!!!!

oh and by the way……

Boring disclaimer part.

Here at RE:Born we advise everyone before entering a new exercise programme to get a full health assessment and sign off by the GP, reborn also accept no responsibility of anyone suffering from injury, illness or shear stupidity to hurt themselves with these basic exercises)


WATER WATER EVERYWHERE…..should you drink it, or should you despair?

Well if its regular tap water or most bottled waters then the latter is the option every time.

Today is rest day from training, so i thought it apt to have a chat to you guys about hydration, and yes i know you have heard it probably a thousands times… so here it is for the thousand and first.

You NEED to stay hydrated… Most people are grossly dehydrated, and not only are people grossly dehydrated but also as a general public we are taking in over 40 harmful chemicals everyday from their tap water.

The tap water supplied to us today may have been treated to avoid contamination by certain water-borne organisms, but could also contain a whole host of potentially toxic chemicals as well as chlorine- resistant parasites. In fact, apart from chlorine addition and in some areas, fluoride, drinking water is often treated with other chemicals such as salts of aluminum, and may also contain other heavy-metal deposits.

This does not include the hundreds of tons of drugs that are flushed away every day in our toilets from urine only to re-emerge in our recycled drinking water system. It is estimated that the average glass of London drinking water has already passed through at least 15 other human bodies! Pharmaceutically manufactured drugs such as Prozac and the contraceptive pill are two of the most common organic compounds which may be found in city tap water, the effects of which have already been reported in the press.

Here also is a list of some of the other chemicals found in UK tap waters.

Aluminium Sulphate – Aluminium Sulphate can sometimes be found in tap water.

Heavy Metal Deposits – Small levels of metals such as Mercury, Cadmium and in some areas Arsenic & Lead can sometimes be found in tap water. These are leftover contamination from industrial effluent, leakages, spillages and left over from The Industrial Revolution.

Nitrates – especially in agricultural areas, the high levels of chemical fertilisers used on crops can enter local water supplies.

Herbicides & Pesticides – These are freely sprayed on crops and can leach out of soils into underground water sources.

Chlorine Resistant Parasites – Some Cysts including Cryptosporidium & Giardia can be resistant to the low lever of Chlorine in Tap Water. They can cause diarrhoea and vomiting as in the Cryptosporidium Outbreak in Northampton 2008.

Recycled pharmaceutical drugs – Hundreds of tons of drugs are flushed away every day in our toilets in urine, only to re-emerge in our recycled drinking water system. It is estimated that the average glass of London drinking water has already passed through at least 15 other human bodies! Pharmaceutically manufactured drugs such as Prozac and the contraceptive pill are two of the most common organic compounds found in city tap water.

Hormones – With millions of women on the pill and HRT relieving themselves into water supplies, and little attention paid to filtration of the hormone, recycled tap water has become a very risky.

Plastic bottled water doesn´t help either. Indeed, plastic packaging on all drinks and food stuffs leaches phthalates, which are ´oestrogen mimics´ into the food and drink in varying quantities. Plastics can also leach BisPhenol A, a chemical now banned in certain countries – it comes in bottles, dummies, babies´ feeding bottles and even plastic toys.

Chlorine – Chlorine is found in tap water as a means of water treatment. Chlorine can also react with organic compounds in tap water to produce THMs (trihalomethanes). It can vaporise in hot water to become steam during bathing & showering.

Fluoride. – Sodium Fluoride (Hexafluorosilicic Acid – H2SiF6) is added to tap water in large parts of the UK.

So now that I’ve scared you all, let me highlight a few reason why you should stay hydrated.

Energy: Suboptimal hydration slows the activity of enzymes, including those responsible for producing energy, leading to feelings of fatigue.

Digestion: Our bodies produce an average of 7 liters of digestive juices daily. When we don’t drink enough liquid, our secretions are more limited and the digestive process is inhibited.

Regularity: As partially digested food passes through the colon, the colon absorbs excess liquid and transfers it to the bloodstream so that a stool of normal consistency is formed.

Blood Pressure: When we are chronically dehydrated, our blood becomes thicker and more viscous. Additionally, in response to reduced overall blood volume, the blood vessels contract.

Stomach Health: Under normal circumstances, the stomach secretes a layer of mucus (which is composed of 98 percent water) to prevent its mucus membranes from being destroyed by the highly acidic digestive fluid it produces.

Respiration: The moist mucus membranes in the respiratory region are protective; however, in a state of chronic dehydration, they dry out and become vulnerable to attack from substances that might exist in inhaled air, such as dust and pollen.

Acid-Alkaline Balance: Dehydration causes enzymatic slowdown, interrupting important biochemical transformations, with acidifying results at the cellular level.

Weight Management: Feelings of thirst can be confused with hunger.

Dehydration a sure recipe for muscle tears and dysfunction.

Hydration is paramount to achieving healthy muscle tissue because a dehydrated muscle is like a piece of beef jerky, it has no elasticity and it had lost it’s suppleness and pliability.

Optimal hydration makes us not only feel and perform better, but I believe the muscular challenges we face today would probably not exist if we were optimally hydrated each and every day.

So what must we do?

Well there is only one option i believe, and that is to invest in a reverse osmosis water filter, i believe the best ones on the market are supplied from “THE WATER FILTER MAN“. Not only do these supply you with pure CLEAN drinking water, with the ability to remove chemicals as per the list below, but they also add alkalising salts, therefore giving you an anti-aging, anti-oxidant, oxygenating health drink and giving you body pure, filtered tap water daily.

Please take time to read my blog on alkalising and the importance of balancing your PH levels, to understand more on why this type of water filter is light-years ahead of the rest.

Here is the difference between your water and the water from a reverse osmosis water filter, clearly demonstrating the contaminated water we drink everyday in the uk.

I challenge you to start the day with a big glass of water, from a reverse osmosis filter, yes before your morning coffee and note the differences after 21 days!

BUY one of these filters today!!!!

Christmas training advent calender: 15th Dec 2011, Day 14

Time for a huge session I think….

Today you’re going to need to brace yourself for a full body, muscular endurance session.

We’ve got some running, some squatting, some pressing, some burping oh yeah some more running and some AB work…

So here goes.

Warm up:

5 – 10min: be as dynamic as possible, work through all your joints, moving in as many planes of movement as possible.

i.e multi-directional lunges, some jops (cross between hop and jogging, google it), some press ups, chin ups and ab work.

Main Session:

1/4 mile run

50 press ups

1/4 mile run

50 squats

1/4 mile run

50 burpees

1/4 mile run

50 jack knifes (25 each side)

1/4 mile run….by this time, if you’ve trained hard enough your legs should be something like this:

Boring disclaimer part.

Here at RE:Born we advise everyone before entering a new exercise programme to get a full health assessment and sign off by the GP, reborn also accept no responsibility of anyone suffering from injury, illness or shear stupidity to hurt themselves with these basic exercises)

Christmas training advent calender: 13th Dec 2011, Day 12

Today, all i want to do is open up a challenge to you…and that is to Defy Gravity and Do a Handstand Pushup!!

What you say that’s crazy…well maybe not, with a little hard work and patience you can get there.

First though we have to admit it: Kicking up to a handstand, lowering the top of your head to the floor and pressing your body-weight back up — even once — requires no small amount of physical power.

The inverted position alone presents a challenge to the stability and mobility in your core and upper back. And once you bend your arms, look out: Your shoulders, triceps and chest have to work for all they’re worth to keep you from whacking your head on the gym floor.

But that’s what makes it a perfect end-of-year fitness challenge. Nail this one and you’ll have bragging rights to arguably the toughest basic body-weight exercise there is. Adam Steer, NSCA-certified personal trainer and body-weight training specialist, shares the step-by-step method he uses to turn clients from inversion-averse scaredy-cats to hand-standing heroes in the space of a few short weeks.

Remember: Even superfit types find this exercise challenging. Strength wise, it’s nearly the equivalent of doing a barbell press with your full body weight. Take your time with this program and realize that getting even a little better at the handstand pushup will translate into greater athleticism in everything you do.

Work the following exercises into your regular routine two to three times a week, advancing to the next phase when you reach the “Ready to Advance” benchmarks described in each section.

The Program
Phase One: The Pike Pushup

• From a pushup position, walk your feet toward your hands a couple of steps, raising your hips high in the air so that your body forms a straight line from your tailbone to your hands.

• Keeping your hips high, slowly bend your arms, lowering yourself until the top of your head lightly touches the floor.

• Reverse the movement, pressing yourself back up to the starting position with as much explosive force as possible.

Sets and Reps: Start off with five sets of five, and work up to three sets of eight to 12.

Ready to Advance: When you can perform three sets of eight to 12 reps.

Phase Two: Pike Hold, Feet on a Box
• Use a box approximately 12 to 24 inches high.

• Locking your arms and bracing through your core, step your feet up onto the box, forming an inverted “L” with your body: hands on the floor, feet atop the box, torso and arms vertical, legs straight and roughly parallel to the floor.

• Use an incrementally higher box, counter top or other stable surface each time you perform the move.

Version One: Hold this position isometrically.

Version Two: Do partial pushups in which you lower your head just a few inches.

Version Three: Perform the full pushup, lightly touching the top of your head to the floor each rep.

Sets and Reps: Version One: Work up to three holds of 60 seconds each.

Versions Two and Three: Five sets of five, working up to three sets of eight to 12.

Ready to Advance: Version One: When you can do three sets of 60-second holds.

Versions Two and Three: When you can do three sets of eight to 12.

Phase Three: Isometric Handstand Hold
• Find a wall space at least 3 feet wide, with plenty of space around.

• Bend at the waist and place your hands flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart, about 12 inches from the wall.

• Keeping your arms locked and both legs straight, kick your dominant leg over your head, as if trying to touch the wall with your heel. When you do this correctly, your hips and non dominant leg will follow, and you will be in a handstand position with both heels against the wall.

• Once inverted, squeeze your legs together, tighten your glutes and core, and push away from the floor with your hands.

• Breathe as normally as possible and hold for as long as you comfortably can, coming down one leg at a time.

Sets and Reps: Two to three holds, each up to 60 seconds long.

Ready to Advance: When you can hold the position for three sets of 60 seconds each.

Phase Four: The Wall-Support Handstand Pushup
• Kick into a handstand against the wall as described at left.

Version One: Perform partial repetitions, lowering your head a few inches to the floor.

Version Two: Perform a full repetition, lowering your head all the way to the floor and pressing yourself back up.

Sets and Reps: Version One: Work up to three sets of eight to 12.

Version Two: Begin with multiple sets of one or two repetitions and go up from there.

Congratulations! You did it. Next year? The freestanding version!

Well that’s it, make sure you guys stick with this and please comment, or send through any photos of your progress to info@rebornpt.co.uk and i’ll post on our wall.

Boring disclaimer part.

Here at RE:Born we advise everyone before entering a new exercise programme to get a full health assessment and sign off by the GP, reborn also accept no responsibility of anyone suffering from injury, illness or shear stupidity to hurt themselves with these basic exercises)

Christmas training advent calender: 12th Dec 2011, Day 11

Time to get outside again and hit a tempo run, and why not, its absolutely gorgeous in Poole, Dorset.

So what is a Tempo run, also known as an anaerobic threshold (AT) run or lactate-threshold run, the tempo run was popularized by Jack Daniels, Ph.D., about a decade ago. Here’s his definition, taken from Daniels’ Running Formula (Human Kinetics): “A tempo run is nothing more than 20 minutes of steady running at threshold pace.” (He goes on to say that 20 minutes is ideal, but may be varied to suit the needs of a particular course.) Without getting too technical, threshold pace is the effort level just below which the body’s ability to clear lactate, a by-product of carbohydrate metabolism, can no longer keep up with lactate production. Daniels states that this pace is, for most people, about 25 to 30 seconds per mile slower than current 5K race pace.

Exercise physiologist and coach Pete Pfitzinger adds: “For very fit runners, the pace is between 15K and half-marathon race pace.” For those fond of using heart rate monitors, Daniels notes that tempo runs are done at 90% of maximum. However, most runners seem to find it easier to use running speed as a guide.

For those who have neither HRMs nor marked courses at their disposal, Daniels stresses that the effort associated with a tempo run should be “comfortably hard”—one that could be maintained for an hour in a race.

So bearing that al in mind, find your runners, hoody and ipod and get moving…….RUN HARD!!!!

Boring disclaimer part.

Here at RE:Born we advise everyone before entering a new exercise programme to get a full health assessment and sign off by the GP, reborn also accept no responsibility of anyone suffering from injury, illness or shear stupidity to hurt themselves with these basic exercises)

Hip or Lower Back Pain? better start paying more attention to your feet.

From one time or another, I think we have all felt some form of hip or back pain. If you haven’t you’re lucky….or just lying!

If you have, then trust me the way to sort this out is to aim away from the site of pain and thrust yourself into figuring out what is really going on and where the dysfunction/imbalance that is causing this pain, is originating from. To understand and fix this bio-mechanical malfunction we are going to have to address the way we sit, stand, the way we move in daily life and also realise that so many of our bio-mechanical dysfunctions are not created whilst we’re training.

And that is the key. Everyone thinks that pain, discomfort or spasm occurs while you are training/exercising, but in actuality it’s in your everyday life that your bio-mechanics get thrown off. Ultimately, this compromises your muscular structure and can potentially affect the rest of your life.

Muscles are designed to create and maintain structural integrity in the body.

We have to rely on the structural integrity of the muscles to keep us pain free and allow bio-mechanics to be proper throughout life. Strength, tone, flexibility and hydration are all vital in keeping the muscles healthy.

If you think about it, in order to have structural integrity you must have a solid foundation. I see that foundation as a fully functioning foot with great range of motion; a foot that can support the weight of the upper body no matter what happens. A malfunctioning bio-mechanical chain reaction that begins with the foot can take dysfunction from the lower leg all the way up to the lower back.

The body’s foundation (the foot) is compromised when the soleus muscle in the back of the leg under the calf gets tight and forces you to lose dorsiflection or range of motion in the foot. This happens because the muscles in the lower leg connect in the bottom of the foot, thereby controlling the foot (like a puppet).

When you lose dorsiflection in the foot, the counter muscle on the front of the shin, the anterior tibialis, becomes tight and overworked which forces the knee to go forward. The body’s natural reaction is to adjust for the shift in weight. This creates an unstable platform for the knee and puts added stress on the knee joint. All joints have muscles and tendons that support the functionality of the joint. When the knee joint is compromised, the muscles in the inner, mid, and outer thigh are forced to work harder to maintain the structural integrity of the leg.

When the knees go forward, the butt shifts back. This is when the muscles in the thigh area, the quadriceps, now take a lot of the impact and become overworked. The quads are the biggest muscle group and take the absorption of each step when you run or walk. As the quads become tight they pull up on the patella and because they originate in the pelvic region, the quads will also pull down on the pelvis, forcing an even more dramatic pelvic tilt.

As the pelvis tilts, you may try to lift the upper body to counterbalance the weight. When you try to straighten your upper body and not lean forward, you end up arching your back, therefore, compressing the L4-5 area. The more compression there is on the L4-5 area, the more you compromise the neurological feed to the lower extremities.

Furthermore, when the quads lose their strength and flexibility and become tight and overworked they pull on the pelvis. The opposing muscles/tendons, the IT bands and hamstrings, then lengthen beyond their capacity subsequently creating their own unique aches and pains. Therefore instead of just stretching and massaging the IT bands and hamstrings, you must take the pelvic tilt out of the equation. This will produce better long term results.

Also during this bio-mechanical chain of events, a muscle called the psoas is engaged. The psoas connects in the groin and at T12 in the middle of the back. It unites the front to the back.

When the psoas is strong and flexible, it facilitates good posture and prevents compression on the lower back. On the contrary, when the psoas is challenged it can contribute to the upper body leaning in-front of the pelvis which worsens the compression on the L4-5 area. It also has the capability of compressing the diaphragm consequently compromising your ability to breathe.

Next, the piriformis is a muscle set deep within the glut region. A tight piriformis is a by-product of the pelvic tilt, but more importantly the piriformis can be challenged by the way that you sit.

When you sit, the knees will splay out to the side. As the knees rotate outward, the piriformis will bind up and go into spasm.

As soon as you stand up and walk, the knees come out straight in front of the body, and the piriformis muscle elongates therefore causing pain in the general glute area.

The sciatic nerve runs directly through the piriformis muscle. When the piriformis goes into spasm or tightens it can impinge the sciatic nerve.

If the piriformis and glute region is not managed regularly with massage, a build up of scar tissue and adhesions surrounding the sciatic nerve can compromise the neurological feed to the lower extremities.

Overall, the body’s posture and ability to function properly is influenced by the bio-mechanics and muscular structure. Here you can see the results of bad bio-mechanics and poor weight distribution.

Addressing the lower back independently, you can massage and strengthen the acute area in the back, but fundamentally, you must tackle the bio-mechanical chain to eliminate the root cause of this problem. Basically, you have to redefine the way your foot hits the ground and then eliminate the pelvic tilt.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that every bone has a muscle that surrounds it and every joint has a muscle and a tendon that supports it. If you do not strengthen and create elasticity (with massage) in the muscle, general aches and pains will result. By generating elasticity within the muscle, you are building a sound platform for structural integrity and positive biomechanics.

How to fix this issue, with some daily trigger point therapy and a hockey, cricket or tennis ball.

Well stayed tuned for the how to fix the issues. I will upload a video o my blog very soon.

Christmas training advent calender: 10th Dec 2011, Day 9

Saturday afternoon its really cold, but very sunny in Sandbanks, Poole

So what better way to spend our time, but to bash out some serious full body, dynamic, plyometic work!!! OH yeah, bet you did think that was coming.

Today we’re just going to do two exercises (Well maybe three, if you count the first exercise as two)

So here goes, today session……..

Warm up:

5 – 10min: be as dynamic as possible, work through all your joints, moving in as many planes of movement as possible.

i.e multi-directional lunges, some jops (cross between hop and jogging, google it), some press ups, chin ups and ab work.

Main session:

27-21­-15­-9 reps of:

Burpee Pullups

Plyo Pushups
20″ box jumps.

AGGHH, burning quads and massive pump on lats, chest and arms….love it!!

Now time to stretch, go through a whole body stretch routine, inc. tris, bis, quads, hams, hip flexors, claves, lats etc etc, hold each stretch for a 90sec period.

All the best, see ya tomorrow.

Boring disclaimer part.

Here at RE:Born we advise everyone before entering a new exercise programme to get a full health assessment and sign off by the GP, reborn also accept no responsibility of anyone suffering from injury, illness or shear stupidity to hurt themselves with these basic exercises)